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Nix is the New Arch!

Bobby posted in Thoughts | Jun 24, 2023 | 8,471 views

Linux 🐧 NixOS WTF Weed Good! ☘️

Remember the days when everyone and their pet iguana was raving about Arch Linux? You couldn't escape the ever-so-subtle "I use Arch BTW" remarks in every Linux forum. Well, move over, Arch, because NixOS is here to steal your thunder! Nowadays, it seems that you can't browse YouTube or read a blog without stumbling upon someone extolling the virtues of NixOS and how it is the epitome of computing perfection. But hey, who needs critical analysis when we can jump on the hype train and declare NixOS as the new Arch? Because that's exactly what's going on. NixOS has now become the self-proclaimed prodigy that's poised to dethrone Arch Linux as the holy grail of Linux distributions. The time is calling, my friends! It's time for you – the seasoned Linux enthusiast – to dust off your keyboard warrior capes and embark on a new crusade. So, grab your Tux plushie (or, your pitchforks if you belong to the world of devils) and let's embark on an adventure through the enigmatic world of NixOS (and let the memes commence)!

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Picture this: You sit down at your computer, and with a few keystrokes, the heavens open up, and a choir of angels serenades you while unicorns frolic around your desk. That's NixOS, baby! It's the promised land where dependency hell and version conflicts are mere whispers of the past. Just imagine the pure bliss of a package management utopia that will make you question your life choices up until this very moment.

That's right! NixOS is a mystical realm where package management is as effortless as breathing. Your system is in perfect harmony, never experiencing dependency hell or version conflicts again. It's like living in a fairytale where unicorns frolic and bash scripts write themselves. You see, in the land of NixOS, package management is handled by the mystical Nix package manager. This magical tool, with its impeccable powers, utilises a purely functional approach to package management. Every package and its dependencies are isolated from one another, creating a utopian ecosystem where conflicts and chaos cease to exist.

When you embark on a package installation quest in NixOS, you are bestowed with a set of spellbinding incantations. Simply typing these commands unleashes the power of Nix, summoning the necessary packages from ethereal sources. The magical incantations, akin to a wizard's spell book, ensure that every package is carefully managed and isolated, maintaining the tranquillity of your system.

In this mystical land, dependency hell and version conflicts are mere whispers of folklore. The powerful Nix package manager employs a content-addressable store, where each package is assigned a unique identifier based on its content. This means that different versions of a package can coexist harmoniously, without causing any disruptions to the delicate balance of your system. It's like having a grand symphony, where every package plays its part flawlessly.

But it doesn't end there, my friend. The fairytale continues as unicorns frolic through the whimsical forests of NixOS. You see, NixOS embraces the power of declarative system configuration. Through a series of declarative files, you define the desired state of your system. Once defined, the system magically transforms itself to align with your intentions, like a fairytale coming to life.

And behold, the bash scripts themselves possess otherworldly sentience in NixOS. With the wave of a wand (or the press of a key), the bash scripts spring into action, autonomously managing and configuring your system according to your desires. It's as if the very essence of automation and harmony has been distilled into these scripts, freeing you from the mundane tasks of manual configuration.


No, I am not talking about that shitty JavaScript thingy! I am talking about the "Nix Package Manager" – a sorcerer's wand that reigns supreme in the mystical realm of NixOS. While humble package managers like Pacman and APT serve the needs of mere mortals, NixOS introduces us to a whole new level of package management wizardry.

Nix, the enchanted package manager, possesses a repertoire of arcane knowledge that surpasses the bounds of ordinary comprehension. It harnesses the power of the inter-webs, traversing realms and dimensions, in search of even the most elusive libraries. Need a package that seems to exist only in the realm of fantasy and unicorns? Fear not, for Nix will undertake a heroic quest, journeying through the darkest corners of the inter-webs, armed with its unwavering determination to fulfil your desires.

How does Nix accomplish this extraordinary feat, you may wonder? Well, it delves into a vast universe of software repositories, scouring the depths of the internet with unparalleled expertise. Armed with its uncanny ability to navigate through complex dependency graphs, Nix unveils the hidden treasures of libraries that may have eluded all but the most intrepid explorers.

But let us not forget the secret ingredient to Nix's unparalleled success: its content-addressable store. Within this mystical storehouse, each package is assigned a unique identifier based on its content. It's like having a magical fingerprint for each package, ensuring that no matter how rare or obscure, Nix can locate and retrieve it with pinpoint accuracy.

So, my curious companion, rest assured that with NixOS and its faithful servant, the Nix package manager, no package is beyond reach. Whether it be a package whispered about in the dreams of unicorns or a gem is hidden in the farthest reaches of the inter-webs, Nix will traverse the depths of the digital realm, armed with its powerful spells and incantations, to bring forth the elusive package you seek. It's a testament to the awe-inspiring capabilities of NixOS, where even the most fantastical software dreams can become a reality.


Ah, the blissful tyranny of immutability in the world of NixOS! Prepare yourself, dear peasants, to surrender your desires for flexibility and experimentation, for NixOS beckons you to embrace the absolute joy of an immutable system. In this enchanted realm, once you've defined your system configuration, it becomes etched in stone, unchangeable and everlasting. It's like making a solemn vow to abide by a set of predetermined rules for eternity. Who needs the ability to customise and adapt when you can embark on a grand quest to find the perfect configuration in a single stroke?

Immutability, you see, is the essence of NixOS's grand design. It bestows upon you the unparalleled gift of stability and predictability. Your system configuration becomes a sacred scripture, a divine commandment that governs every aspect of your digital existence. Gone are the days of tinkering and experimenting; you have now entered a realm where your configuration choices are set in stone, unyielding to the winds of change.

But fear not, for within this apparent tyranny lies a promise of tranquillity. With immutability, your system gains an extraordinary level of resilience. No longer shall you be plagued by the whims of software updates and incompatible dependencies. Your configuration, unchanging and unwavering, shields you from the chaos of the ever-evolving software landscape.

Embrace the ineffable joy of immutability, my friends, for it frees you from burdensome choices and the perpetual need for adaptation. No longer shall you agonise over the perfect combination of software versions or the consequences of a misguided tweak. Instead, revel in the assurance that your system remains steadfast, immune to the tribulations that haunt the fickle minds of those who seek constant customisation.


Calling all functional programming zealots! Prepare to enter the sacred sanctuary of NixOS, where functional purity reigns supreme. In this mystical realm, mutable states and imperative constructs are banished to the netherworld, and your configuration files become sacred hymns of higher-order functions and monads.

Imagine a world where every line of code in your configuration files is a testament to the elegance and power of functional programming. NixOS embraces this paradigm with open arms, guiding you through the intricate labyrinth of functional paradise. Brace yourself for a thrilling rollercoaster ride, filled with joy, confusion, and frequent exclamations of "WTF!" because, let's face it, that's just how we roll in this enchanting realm.

Within the realm of NixOS, the air is charged with the mystique of monads. Higher-order functions and monadic abstractions become the building blocks of your configuration, guiding you through a mesmerising dance of computation. You'll find yourself delving into the depths of monads, embracing their power to encapsulate and control complex operations, all while preserving the purity of your functional kingdom.

But beware, dear adventurer, for this journey is not for the faint of heart. The path to functional enlightenment can be treacherous and bewildering. As you traverse the winding trails of pure functions and monadic transformations, you may find yourself confronted with mind-bending concepts and perplexing abstractions. Fear not, for confusion is but a stepping stone on the path to enlightenment.


Behold, the Order of Nix, an assembly of zealous disciples united under the banner of NixOS! Step into their realm, and you shall witness a gathering that can only be described as a community, or perhaps even a secret society. Within the hallowed halls of the Order of Nix, disciples engage in passionate discussions surrounding the principles of deterministic builds. They strive for reproducibility, seeking to eliminate the insidious demons of randomness and uncertainty that haunt traditional software development. Every byte of code is meticulously scrutinised, and through the mystical powers of Nix, a realm of deterministic bliss is believed to be attainable.

Also, do not underestimate the intensity of their debates over indentation styles. For within this seemingly trivial matter lies a battle of philosophies, a clash of aesthetics. The disciples passionately argue, defending their chosen style as if it were the key to unlocking the secrets of the universe. Brace yourself for heated discussions and a myriad of style guides, for within the Order of Nix, indentation is not a mere matter of preference but a matter of unyielding devotion.

And let us not forget the summoning of the ancient gods of computing, a ritual practised by the most devout of the NixOS faithful. When faced with insurmountable challenges or unfathomable bugs, they invoke the names of legendary figures such as Turing, Knuth, and Ritchie. It is a testament to the reverence and respect they hold for the giants of the past, seeking guidance and inspiration from the luminaries who paved the way for modern computing.

But heed my warning, dear seeker of NixOS enlightenment, for straying from the sacred path shall bring forth the wrath of segmentation faults. These nefarious beasts lurk in the shadows, ready to pounce upon those who dare deviate from the prescribed rituals and conventions. They are the consequences of haphazard configurations and reckless experimentation, a reminder that in the realm of NixOS, order and adherence to the sacred path are paramount.


Now that I have told you all about Nix, now it's time for the burning question of the century: Has Nix become the new Arch? In the ever-evolving world of Linux, NixOS has emerged as a formidable contender, claiming to be the new Arch. But before we crown a new king, let's take a moment to ponder the magnitude of such a claim.

NixOS, with its utopian promises of flawless package management and impeccable system immutability, certainly has its fanbase. They fervently sing its praises, attributing godlike powers to the Nix package manager and dance in the realm of functional purity. Meanwhile, Arch Linux, the granddaddy of minimalist and do-it-yourself distributions, has its own legion of loyal followers. Arch users, with their air of superiority, proudly proclaim, "I use Arch, by the way," as if it were a secret code to unlock the mysteries of the universe.

But has Nix truly surpassed Arch in its quest for domination? Well, that depends on who you ask. NixOS enthusiasts will passionately argue that Nix has brought forth a revolution in package management, rendering traditional systems obsolete. They'll tell you tales of deterministic builds, endless debates over indentation styles, and the occasional summoning of the ancient gods of computing. Beware, for straying from the sacred path may lead you down the treacherous road of segmentation faults.

However, let's not forget that Arch has been a longstanding pillar in the Linux community. It has weathered the storms of trends and fads, maintaining its status as a reliable and versatile distribution. Arch users revel in its simplicity, its ability to empower users to craft their own customized systems, and of course, the endless wealth of knowledge tucked away in the Arch Wiki.

So, has Nix truly ascended to the throne, usurping the legacy of Arch? Well, my fellow adventurers, the answer is subjective. It's a matter of personal preference, a decision that rests solely in the hands of the intrepid Linux ninjas who venture into this realm.


Dear fellow adventurers, NixOS, the so-called new Arch, has captured the hearts and minds of Linux enthusiasts worldwide. It certainly is becoming the hype though, and now you know why! Whether Nix has truly become the new Arch or not, one thing remains certain: Linux is a vast playground, filled with a multitude of distributions, each offering its own unique flavour and quirks. So, let us rejoice in the diversity, embrace the spirit of exploration, and remember that in the end, it's the journey itself that matters.

Remember, embrace the hype, explore new frontiers, and revel in the ever-evolving landscape of Linux. Go forth and choose your path. Whether you find solace in Nix, Arch, or any other distribution, keep the spirit of curiosity alive, and never cease to question conventional wisdom. May your Linux journey be filled with excitement, discovery, and an ample supply of humorous memes.

Also, I use Arch on Nix BTW.

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