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Socialify Copy for Repository Images Last Pushed: 2023-05-20

MIT License 0 0


Text Editor

Last Pushed: 2022-11-06

MIT License 0 0


Bringing back your childhood memories in CSS.

Last Pushed: 2019-01-03

MIT License 5 0


Predict the engagement a post will likely receive, given the time of posting, the number of upvotes, the number of comments, and other factors.

Last Pushed: 2022-12-04

0 0


Algorithms and Data Structures in Different Programming Languages Last Pushed: 2022-08-29

GNU Affero General Public License v3.0 0 0


A cli tool for fetching information about countries.

Last Pushed: 2022-06-25

MIT License 0 0


Vaccinosaurus is a COVID-19 vaccine availability tracker and notifier. This website can tell you about available vaccination centers and available slots in your area as well as it can notify you if a slot is available in the near future. Last Pushed: 2021-05-16

MIT License 5 0


Data modeling and query lanuage

Last Pushed: 2022-05-31

0 1


A Comprehensive Approach To Analysis and Detection of Emerging Threats due to Network Intrusion

Last Pushed: 2022-05-31

GNU General Public License v3.0 0 0


A desktop app for authors. Available for Mac OS X 10.9+. Uses my own framework - NativeKit available at:

Last Pushed: 2022-01-25

Apache License 2.0 1 0